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Contact Information for Hopkins AYSO

  • Registrar (Laura Ford):
    • Process new registrations
  • Coach Coordinator: (Ashlee Lust):
    • Recruit / train / coordinate volunteer coaches
    • Assigns players to teams
    • Create game schedules
  • Referee Coordinator (JT Johnston):
    • Recruit / train / coordinate volunteer referees
    • Create referee schedules
  • Regional Commissioner (Brad Breining):
    • Hopkins AYSO President
  • Pictures (Meghan VanderWeg):
    • Coordinate picture day

Additional Contacts

If you need to contact any of the people below, reach out to the Coach Coordinator above for contact info:

  • Safety Coordinator (Tiffany Jablonski)
  • Child/Player Advocate (Tiffany Jablonski)
  • Equipment Manager (Jamie Taylor)
  • Uniforms (Tiffany Jablonski)
  • Treasurer (Aimee Onderlinde)

Board Member Position Descriptions

Regional Commissioner (RC)

Responsibilities: to organize, oversee, lead and inspire at the local level. It is the position that insures the most children get to enjoy the AYSO experience. It takes time and commitment, but the rewards of this leadership role are great.


Responsibilities: to plan and carry out the annual registration of players and volunteers.

Coach Coordinator

Responsibilities: to make sure there are enough coaches for the Region.  He/she participates in player ratings and team formation, meets with coaches every season, and helps the Regional Commissioner in handling any coaching related issues.

Referee Coordinator

Responsibilities: to implement, monitor and maintain the AYSO National Referee Program including program delivery, staff development, communication, and coordination at the Region level. The game can’t be played without referees, so each Region needs someone to prepare schedules, offer and verify training, and keep the program moving.

Safety Coordinator

Responsibilities: administer the AYSO Soccer Accident Insurance (SAI) plan and handle all SAI claims.  A parent or coach should contact the Safety Coordinator in the event of any serious injury or medical issue.

Child and Volunteer Protection Advocate (CVPA)

Responsibilities: make sure the child and volunteer protection program in the Region is applied in accordance with the AYSO Safe Haven™ program. There are procedures and policies in place to protect the volunteers and the children, and the CVPA is responsible for implementing them.


Responsibilities: all financial activities as defined by each Region. Some of these tasks include: paying bills in a timely manner, processing registration and sponsor payments, proper handling of contributions and donations, monthly report filing, sales tax processing, obtaining 1099’s for annual 1099 compliance, submitting the monthly deposit report form, etc.

We are always looking for volunteer Board Members! If you are interested in joining Hopkins’ AYSO Board, please contact the Regional Commissioner using the email listed above.

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