2019/2020 Registration Cost Increase

Many of you might be wondering why our registration prices increased by $15 per player for next season.  I wanted to take a moment to share how and why this difficult decision was made.  We, as a Board, understand that your money is valuable and many of you have multiple children who play soccer with us each year which means this price hike can be costly.  We certainly don’t want AYSO soccer to be cost prohibitive to our families, but given the increase in National Fees, the creation of a Volunteer Fee, and the need to provide additional training to our volunteers and Board members, a price increase was needed.  Here’s the breakdown:

Increase in National Fees:

AYSO National increased the National Player Fees for each player.  Previously, the cost was $17.50/player and this year the cost increased to $20/player – an increase in $2.50/player.  This fee alone accounts for 17% of the total registration increase this year.

Volunteer Fees:

In previous years, the $17.50 National Player Fee covered the background checks for our volunteers.  Starting this year, AYSO National will be charging a $25/volunteer for background checks (in addition to the increase in the National Fee above).  Like in any program, finding adult volunteers can be challenging.  Imagine if our coaches, referees, Board Members, etc all had to PAY to volunteer?!?  To prevent these fees from being passed directly to our volunteers, our registration fees had to absorb this cost.

Board Training:

This year, as a Board, we’ve decided to place an emphasis on training.  Training for our coaches, training for our refs, and training for our Board Members.  Our Board Members are volunteers and do a great job, but we’ve all expressed an interest in attending some specialized AYSO trainings for our specific areas (coach coordinator, registrar, CVPA, referee coordinator, regional commissioner, treasurer, etc).  These training opportunities will give members of the board additional skills and tools to help us do our jobs better – and in turn serve our region better.

The increase in the National Fee and the creation of the Volunteer Fee will effect ALL AYSO regions – not just Hopkins.  We have spoken to representatives from neighboring regions, and all regions in our area will be increasing their registration fees this year to absorb these additional fees.  Additional information on the National Fee increase and Volunteer Fee can be found here.

We have decided to tweak our multi-child discount program a bit to assist parents who are registering multiple players.  In past years, the multi-child discount didn’t kick in until the 4th child.  This year, we will offer a $10 discount for your 3rd child and any additional child that you might register after that.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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